Kindergarten Torressana in Terrassa

Year: 2007

Promotion: Pública

Work: Nueva

Surface: 860m2

Location: Terrassa

Photographer: Carles Ibarz

The program is organized with two lower bodies and a central space that articulates. The building is raised on the ground floor to facilitate accessibility and link, to the extent possible, the classroom to the large outdoor patio, allowing good visual control without restricting freedom of movement of children.

In South body classrooms are located, giving the maximum basking. In the North body multiple and common uses of the nursery are placed. An intermediate body connection between the two orientations has access function, distribution of spaces and a multipurpose hall for flexible gaming needs and festivities of the nursery. The intermediate body is covered with a curve to get naturally illuminate the space as well as induce natural ventilation in summer comfort.

The facades are composed of a ventilated facade system of colors that provides daycare besides singularity, a good bioclimatic behavior research Azal project developed with Ulma polymers made ​​it possible to apply a ventilated facade system with the new product and test the prototype, its placement and its result in a real project. The structural system frees the plant i make it easily adaptable to the change of use.