Urban plan Castellarnau in Sabadell

Promotion: Pública

Work: Proyecto de urbanización espacios públicos

Surface: 18 Ha

Location: Sabadell

The purpose of this project is the definition of works and relevant to the development of the land delimited in Partial Plan. The arrangement adopted is basically structured in 5 parts of certain formal autonomy, and they form a single urban unit.

– The first is a qualified zone as neighborhood park area. The park is developed following the ancient river bed, and included the presence of some trees along the entire area, orographically more depressed.

– The second is an area for accommodating housing that configure the streets.

– The third is an area for the residential house with open spaces.

– The fourth, another area qualified as neighborhood park.

– The last is the strip of road reserve for the overall system, which will be located in the future, the motorway link.

The viability of the sector stems from connections to the existing road network.