We are an architectural firm with an international focus and headquarters in Barcelona.
Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier and Teresa Batlle Pagès founded the firm in 1986. In 2012 a new stage began, where new generation of architects were incorporated.
We have developed architectural projects, works and planning in the private and public sphere, with the aim of providing technology and innovation in the field of construction and sustainability.

We have a team of professionals in several disciplines

Felipe Pich-Aguilera

Architect, Co-Founder

Teresa Batlle

Architect, Co-Founder

Joan Maria Freixes

Managing Director

José Torres Ribas

Senior Commercial Advisor

Angel Sendarrubias

Responsible for quality control

Antonio Batlle

Chief Architect Manager

Carolina Lourenço

Project Leader Architect

Claudia Gardinetti

Project Leader Architect

Neus Valldeperez

Project Leader Architect

Letiane Benincà

Chief Innovation architect

Miguel Suarez

Madrid Office Manager

Marcela Calderón

México Project Leader Architect

Alba Gassò


Claudia Antonacci

PR & Communication

Collaborating architects

Alan Alvarado

Zuha Bari

Elena Casals

Marita Céspedes

Felip Ecomard

Marco Febre Jara

Octavio Ferreyra

Pere Forner Rovira

Leandro Lopez

Zuzana Prochazkova

Carla Reñé Olius

Gabriela Sartori

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