Sustainability and circular economy

The construction sector is one of the most responsible for climate change; this fact is the backbone of a new way of designing our buildings, in which energy consumption, comfort and health are an essential value for the users who inhabit the buildings we design.

In the firm we make project decisions with scientific methodologies that
quantify the impacts; We project with the support of simulations and parameterizations
dynamics that inform us of the energy, lighting and environmental behavior, as well as
help us make decisions based on bioclimatic and impact principles
environment throughout the entire life cycle of a building.


to projects

The SUSTAINABILITY area has established cross-cutting procedures that allow a proactive analysis of the bioclimatic and environmental aspects of the projects, with the aim of verifying the applied sustainability strategies and knowledge.


Our projects are accompanied by internationally recognized seals of sustainable excellence. We project with the criteria of the “GREEN seal” and certify with the national, European or international tools existing in the market “GREEN, LEED, BREEAM, WELL”..

Consulting and sustainable business model

We offer consulting services that promote the change in the building sector towards sustainable business models based on the circular economy; urban economic models, new construction or environmental reform.

Collaboration with PichInnovation

Sustainability collaborates closely with the R+D+i Department, supporting its work from the knowledge acquired and the necessary simulation and calculation tools.

The firm integrates ESG and EU Taxonomy criteria in all types of projects.

We work to incorporate into architectural projects aspects of sensitivity towards the environment, the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as the reflection and transformation of current construction processes towards the circular economy, digitalization and sustainability of the real estate sector.

We actively confirm our commitment as members of different
organizations that promote sustainability and apply and sustain in our
projects the sustainable development goals of the united nations.

We are committed to upholding good practices of responsible architecture.
The objective of this policy is to define the standards that we adopt in the study to guarantee
that the ecological and sustainable architectural claims made about our
project are fair and justified.

Sustainability standards


We are committed to clearly communicating what sustainability benefits our product or service offers and we do not hide or omit information.


We justify our sustainability claims with empirical evidence and regularly evaluated. We are committed to sharing facts, figures and statements that can be verified.


We are committed to using fair, clear and unambiguous language when making comparisons with other products or organizations.


We make sure that we make specific statements about our organization's efforts and that our actions measure up to those promises.

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