Technology Center Leitat in Barcelona

Year: 2015

Promotion: Privada

Work: Nueva

Surface: 4.468m2

Location: Districto 22@, Barcelona

Photographer: Lourdes Jansana

Certification: A

Technology Center Leitat in Barcelona

The building is devoted to applied research in the areas of Biotech, Nanotech and new technologies.

It has been designed with an interest in activating the centre of the block and linking it to the street and the open space so the existing public space turns into a meeting area.

The presence of the building tries to connect, although not in a figurative way, with the existing neighbour edification, creating, abstractly, continuity with the skin texture of the traditional city.

We propose a building designed with independent and industrialised components that are assembled on site in order to provide the construction with flexibility for later uses, even its deconstruction.

The architecture has been planned to work as an interface between the exterior and interior climate conditions: not as a hermetic barrier, but as a membrane that filters and shares the conditions of the environment. The front has an enclosure that efficiently meets all physical requirements of the building – structure, natural light filtering, privacy and service-supply.

The metallic structure acts as an integrated beam lattice, which supports the floors composed of a single span that embraces from facade to façade.