“The respect for the environment as a value that has to be managed became a social consensus. Architecture has to search for new alternatives that propose a more stimulating relation with nature and an honest application of natural resources. This can give us objective guide lines to approach planning and construction technology from a really contemporary point of view.”

The study, initiated in 1986, is a society limited Pich-Aguilera, arquitectos, sl, with two associated architects Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier and Teresa Batlle Pagès.

In 2012 a new society linked to Pich-Architects was founded: PiBarquitecturaSix, slp, with two founding partners and four new partners: Margherita Aricó, Pau Casaldáliga, Ute Müncheberg and Jordi Paris, all of them architects. In 2014 the architect Jordi Camps, joins the society.

Both societies encompasses a common international brand named Picharchitects.


Responsible for quality and  technical control of projects and quality team management: Angel Sendarrubias, Technical architect. Responsible Research and Development Area: Zuzana Prochazkova, arquitecta. Responsible of contests:  Jordi Camps, architect. Heads of Project: Margherita Aricò, architect | Ute Müncheberg, architect| Jordi París, architect. Administration and Accounting Address: Alba Gassó. Senior architects. Junior architects



Throughout the years the office has relied on specialists in several areas that have made possible steady collaborations and interdisciplinary approaches in the development of the projects.

The introduction in the office of the ISO PROCEDURE 9001 has forced us to establish a methodology and a few programs to realize our projects with quality and professionalism, as well as the building directions and all the works that are proper of an architecture office.

Since 2011 the office has got headquerters in:

BARCELONA-SPAIN ( 22@ innovation district), principal hearquarter and activity origin.

MONTERREY-MEXICO, develops architectural projects and collaborations in “Consultancy services in green building” with the brand ECOPERANDO, where it is intended to encompass the entire value chain: sustainable architectural design, engineering, development of materials and construction solutions and energy managing, its necessary certifications and incentives. Driving Group ECOPERANDO: Cemex, corporate sustainability. Strategic partners: Pich-Aguilera, architects, PGI Engineering, Green Building and Alternative Energy, LEED consulting.

QINGDAO AND SHANGAI – CHINA, from the company OSA – Sustainable Architecture and Engineering. The company is comprised of three architecture and engineering offices with an experience of 20 years in building industrialization  and respect for the environment. Members of the company: Pich-Aguilera, architects, sl, Ruiz-Larrea, associated architects, sl, Steel Products, sl

ARMENIA – COLOMBIA, the involvement comes up from the collaboration with the Spanish group gipinvest and their presence in the country. The collaboration provides the development of innovative global solutions that combine strategic planning and sustainable development, “end to end” solutions from conception to implementation of the idea, as a new management architecture based on understanding and responding to the needs, not to forget the end user.

ALMATY-KAZAKHSTAN, in collaboration with Marco Salvatore arquitecto, we are offering services that provide complete processes related to architecture , industrialization and environment.

FRANCE-GERMANY-ARGELIA-QATAR. Hemos construido y desarrollado proyectos de vivienda, planeamiento y equipamientos públicos y privados, en complicidad y colaboración con equipos locales.