The DRIVE-0 consortium has entered to the grant preparation phase

The beginning date of our newest European project has been officially announced by the project leader- Huygen.

Pich Architects will participate in the DRIVE-0 project leading one of the seven pilot projects in Barcelona.

Read more below. Under the Horizon 2020 programme, call LC-SC3-EE-1-2018: ‘Decarbonisation of the EU building stock – innovative approaches and affordable solutions changing the market for building renovation’, the European Commission was looking for innovative and affordable solutions for the decarbonisation of buildings in the EU. Solutions that will accelerate the energy renovations of buildings all around Europe. We are happy to inform you that the project proposal we submitted, Drive 0, has been evaluated favorably! This means that we are in the grant preparation phase and the project should officially start 1 October 2019.

Drive 0 has a unique concept, offering efficient solutions concerning energy, materials and costs, within innovative consumer-centred circular renovation processes. By implementing this concept, DRIVE 0 encourages a transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. This transition is urgently needed if we want to come to zero energy built environment. DRIVE 0 will identify specific local drivers that motivate and persuade building owners for deep renovation; exploiting these local drivers make deep renovations more attractive, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Along the whole renovation journey, a focus is on users acceptance when developing the circular economy business plans.

DRIVE 0 focuses on three strategies of developing and implementing (scaling up) of circular deep renovation solutions for the existing housing stock: re-using and recycling locally available materials by urban mining, using renewable environmental friendly materials, and using bio-based engineered materials. The project approach will be demonstrated at the seven demonstration locations in Europe representing different building and cultural typologies having specific local drivers that allow testing of different combination of solutions and business models. Stay tuned, more information will follow soon.