Horticultural Exposition 2014 pavilion in Qingdao

The proposed pavilion has to be the symbol of the International Horticultural Exposition to be held in Qingdao in 2014 and convey the meaning and values of the event itself.

The flower has always been a reference in Chinese culture since ancient times and its representation a source of inspiration.

A textile wrapping, capture a natural space in its interior were where cultivated the most significant vegetal spices of the different latitudes.

The architecture lives in nature and technology, and it is treated as a model of germination; both of them have to evoke another way to build and inhabit pedagogically.

The appearance refers to a flower, but the reference is a system that is located beyond the bulb itself, “How to explain a flower with a flower?”

The pavilion was designed to work with the natural resources, tending to self-sufficiency.

The floor and the sun produced almost all the energy that was needed. The land energy was captured with subterranean wells and acclimatized the indoor space.

The solar panels gave the necessary electricity for the elevators and lightening.

The water was captured with a pedestrian platform that was amassed and used to water the plants and improve summer microclimate through evapotranspiration.