Naomi Beach Villas

Playa del Carmen, México

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Year: on going
Tipology: Residential

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General information

Naomi Beach Villas is a holiday housing project, located in the heart of Riviera Maya. Its direct contact with the beach and the jungle environment confers an exclusive nature upon the project. It offers a vacation retreat based on a nature immersive experience and a great deal of privacy. Moreover, due to its strategic location, it becomes a unique project, since it offers the customers the appeal of being very near to the principal places of interest in Playa del Carmen, as well as to the liveliest areas of Riviera Maya.

The project presents a vanguards architecture, that, besides, has a connection with the vernacular architecture of the environment. The exclusive nature of each unit contrasts with the light aspect of its volumetry and external materials.

The complex is composed of 15 villas, divided into four sets and merged in pairs. On one front, the groups are arranged gradually towards the beach club, to achieve oblique views to the sea. On the other front, the units are arranged in more enclosed prismatic volumes. In order to free the outdoor spaces from the presence of vehicles, the 4-level buildings are build up on top of a slightly elevated platform above the natural ground.