Photography: Eugeni Pons

Angels Alemany School in Lloret de Mar, Girona

The project starts with an initial premise: design and construction had to be carried out in seven months. Therefore, the project is based on existing industrial products and processes on which all needs are vertebrated, volumetry and spaces of the school.

The building design process is directed to produce the image of a solid and permanent building. The systems will was to find methods that would change the perception of a provisional aspect that the initial conditions can cause.

The structural system based on large dimensions and three-dimensional prefabricated modules, which allow free use of the floor, positioning facilities and more permanent guide elements inside the modules.

The project seeks to simplify and rationalize the structural system to meet deadlines and industrial processes. This is possible from the coordination between the different agents involved in the construction of the building, thus, without leaving at any time, to take into account the purpose of the proposed school, with its areas designed for nursery and primary pupils, there is an attempt to minimize the structural elements.

The structural-tridimensional modules are primarily pieces that give free space to house classrooms. Pillars are removed, and all the areas are organized with modules, beams, and hollow-core slabs.