HOLISTEEC. Comprehensive computing tool

Development of a Holistic Support for the design and construction of Energy Efficient buildings, Integrating the Optimization of Life Cycle.

Project details

Years: 2013-2017
Firm role: Holistic and optimized life-cycle integrated support for energy-efficient building design and construction. Presentation of the Holisteec platform tools in the design of the project in Kosk, Turkey.
European Projects

Topic nr. y espec.: Horizon 2020

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 609138.


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The BIM tools are gaining (growing in) importance in the construction sector around the globe. Nevertheless, there’s still the need of finding an integral solution to ease the exchange of information between the different agents in the process of design, construction and use of buildings. The HOLISTEEC Project tries to find a solution in order to manage all this process keeping in mind the life-cycle of the building, as well as the influence of its surroundings. Its main goal is to improve the energy efficiency of the environment constructed. Each of the actors involved in the construction process- architects, designers, engineers, contractors, owners, users, public administrators and others- should be able to effectively interact (communicate?).

The result of the Holisteec project development will be a collaborative software platform, based on BIM concepts and on-the-cloud, which will allow the optimization of the construction process, considering multiple criteria provided by the different agents implicated in the procedure.

Picharchitects, as a firm with extensive experience in the application of 3-dimensional and environmental design tools, contribute to the management of one of the pilot projects (Residential building in Turkey, along with Acciona). This company is also implicated in the development of general methodology, business models and value chain analysis.