Drive 0: Circular renovation

European project with the objective to accelerate deep renovation processes by enhancing a consumer centered circular renovation process in order to make deep renovation environmentally friendly, cost effective and more attractive for consumers and investors

Role of the studio: One of the 7 pilot projects to demonstrate the circular renovation approach is located in Barcelona and managed by Pich Architects

Drive 0 is a H2020 collaborative project focused on the circular renovation. According to the consortium, the definition of circular renovation is: “A circular deep renovation, which contributes to a circular built environment’, is based on 100% life cycle renewable energy, and all materials used within the system boundaries are part of infinite technical or biological cycles with lowest quality loss as possible.”

Main principles to be applied in the projects are consumer/end-user centered design, reaching to consumer centered business models, necessary to achieve higher rates of renovation to decarbonize the building stock, as well as taking into account the embodied aspects such as embodied energy and embodied CO2.

The Drive 0 projects studies the specific local socio-economic and/or technical drivers as an accelerator to come to efficient deep circular and cost-effective renovation. This can only be successfully realized if it is embraced and adopted by both inhabitants, building owners, managers and investors alike.

The local drivers for the Spanish pilot project, lead by Pich Architects, are the high amount of consolidated partition walls that are available for renovation, renaturalization and production of renewable energy. The positive effects of this kind of intervention are increased quality of urban space, increased comfort and health in the interior behind the wall, and decrease in energy demand from non-renewable sources.

The pilot project has a number of local partners, that will create a consortium to optimize the products, installation and business strategies and to create a replicable feasible system for renovation.