Residential complex of 69 homes

Sabadell, Barcelona, España

Project details

Location: Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2020
8.321,53 m2 below ground
3025,88 m2 above ground
Status: Built
Typology: Residential building
Category: Applied sustainability, Environmental certifications


BREEAM Certificate: Good rating.

Energy certification A on emissions.
Energy certification B on energy consumption.

Sustainable Development Goals

Strategies implemented

Purposeful analysis of bioclimatic and environmental aspects

Objective: to achieve maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption

Building of 69 homes in Sabadell where design strategies are key to allow an efficient and low-consumption building.

This project has an energy certification rating A in emissions (5 kg CO ”/ m2 year) and B in energy consumption (32 kWh / m2 year).

A BREEAM certificate was also obtained: Goodrating, with the following scores:

  • 100% management
  • Energy, Transportation, and pollution 70%
  • Waste 60%

Data to highlight:

  • All homes ensure cross ventilation.
  • Dry-built ventilated façade system that minimizes cooling and heating demands as well as reduces waste and construction times.
  • The ventilated façade system allows reducing cooling and heating demands.
  • The windows are low-emissivity, with solar protections, which allow good management of thermal and light radiation.
  • Metal ventilated roof system. It allows lightness and dry mounting in roof houses, as well as avoiding overheating of the floors under the roof.
  • High-efficiency aerothermal systems are proposed, which allow giving heat, cold and ventilation.
  • LED technology lighting
  • Sanitary and faucet elements that allow less water consumption are installed.
  • The centre of the block is equipped with private and community outdoor gardens, with their consequent optimization of outdoor comfort, which benefits the interior and avoids the heat island.
  • The roofs of the buildings have zero slope and an integral pavement laid dry, which allows the good flow of water, as well as integrating the insulation into the pavement itself, the result of an innovation developed with the company Breinco (Infinity Losa).