Climate Concrete 2.0

Bioclimatic concrete elements for building renovation 

Role of the studio: Architectural design and bioclimatic concept design   

The Climate Concrete project is based on the collaboration with Cemex Global R&D on the equally named selective subject at the Barcelona School of Architecture, International University of Catalonia.

After the success of the first edition, Climate Concrete 2.0 has followed to introduce new challenges to the application of innovative concrete types in construction. The bioclimatic properties of porous concrete applied on façade or roof construction systems were explored by the participants.

During the first phase of the project, taking place at the International University of Barcelona, the students proposed a number of climate determined application, which were later merged into the final prototype to be assembled in the laboratory of Cemex Global R&D in Switzerland.

This time, the proposal brought 2 new dimensions into the application of the concrete. First of all, the renovation of the existing building stock has been identified as a priority, and second, on site textile molds were applied to allow an organic look, to be in contrast with the cold and monotonous presence of the existing residential building blocks.

The proposal included features such as shading, structural reinforcement, urban gardening, lightening, water management, and a positive impact to the overall aesthetics and identity of the urban space.