Casa Barcelona Project:  An Industrialised Collective Housing Prototype

Project and coordination of a collective housing prototype

A collective housing prototype made of recyclable components, producer of a natural territory and natural resources administrator.

Here are the four main aspects:

Collective housing as a recyclable component manufacturer. The sole should not be a producing factory of the building, but a territory on which it is deposited by the assembling of components produced with industrial efficiency.

Collective housing as an inhabited infrastructure. It plans to construct, on the one hand, the “content”, meaning the common infrastructure of the building –structure, communication areas, supply and sealing– and, on the other hand, the “continent”, which refers to the domestic and private environment –distribution, installations and interior finishes-. Each one of these settings can be discussed independently.

Collective housing as natural territory producer. Conceive the construction in terms of production of territory rather than consumption, restoring the domestic relationship between the resident and nature.

Collective housing as an energy producer and natural resources administrator. It seems appropriate to think that is precisely in our homes where the energy and the resources should be produced and administrated.