Methodology for the complete analysis of the life cycle of buildings

Integration and optimization of the architectural proposal and the environmental data of the chosen materials to allow the LCA in the TCQi software


In collaboration with: ITec, EIG

In the actual architectural practice, the consideration of the environmental impact of the construction solutions results complicated and impractical. A reliable LCA calculation method/ software, able to include all of the life cycle phases, which would be directly related to the BIM model and react to any changes and that would have available data corresponding to the local reality, is not available.

The TCQi software developed by ITeC presents a solution, connecting the 3D architectural model with its online database of construction products and systems- BEDEC. The solution is based on the budget calculation, which helps to have the environmental information integrated in the existing processes in the construction sector. The integral BIM models can follow the real life performance of the buildings and provide feedback and the missing data back to the common database, evaluating so the actual impact of the specific construction products and systems.

The pilot project to demonstrate the methodology for LCA calculation and its integration in the design process is the Socrates building in Viladecans, promoted by an environmentally oriented property developer and owner Gonsi.

The role of Rockwool in this project is to help to enhance and further define the process requirements from the point of view of a manufacturer, who’s role is crucial, because the construction products and systems are the very base of the LCA.

The team of environmental consultants EIG introduces the topic of material passport into the project, and is also responsible for the budget definition of the Socrates project.