POPLAC: Analysis of sustainable product opportunities

Definition of strategic objectives in product development.

Project details

Any: 2023
Role of the study: Market study, definition of strategic objectives and potential applications, implementation of circular economy principles, communication plan
Category: Collaboration with industry


Industria Circular TNP S. L., Poplac


Poplac is an innovative product, composed of remains of Posidonia, an aquatic plant found in the Mediterranean Sea, and other elements with a natural base. It is manufactured in the form of a 9-15 mm thick plate. The product is patented and the applied mixture has excellent thermal, acoustic, mechanical and fire resistance characteristics. In order to assess the good properties of the product, the PichInnovation team was working with the product promoter and the material researchers, with the aim of finding the most suitable applications and sales strategies for the Poplac board.

The first task was to understand well the material with all its characteristics on the one hand, and the market in the corresponding sector and its needs on the other. Based on this analysis we define the possible applications of the product, with their respective technical needs, ease of manufacture and sales potential. As a next step, we define the necessary tests to check the key properties for each of the possible applications, at product and system level. The essential tests were identified to ensure that the product complies with the quality and sustainability standards necessary for its use in construction.

To find out the reactions of the market to the product, we carry out a survey and an expert group with relevant representatives of the construction sector. The results confirmed interest in the product’s unique combination of properties and helped identify early potential applicators of the product.

All this information served to define the roadmap for the client, with the next steps to follow to continue the development and commercialization of the Poplac board. An economic analysis, suggestions of possible partners and circular economy considerations were included.

In parallel, together with our PR manager, we develop a commercial and communication strategy, which is implemented in the presentation of Poplac in the Advanced Architecture Awards 2023 of Rebuild, where it was among the 3 finalists of the Zehnder award to the best product, material or nanomaterial innovation, and in the Construmat 2023 stand, where the product was presented for the first time in public.