VISESA research grant

Comparison between traditional housing and industrialized housing

Project details

Category: Applied Innovation, Collaboration with industry


On the basis of the commission of 156 industrialized social protection homes near Zabalgana/Vitoria, Picharchitects/Pich-Aguilera obtained a grant in order to carry out an analytical study of the work, about the deadlines, prices, environmental parameters and working conditions.

The research study was conducted through a comparison of two works that started at the same time, one work 100% traditional and our industrialized work.

Throughout the two works, specific data was collected from the manufacturing, transport and the assembly process. Comparative information related to the consumption of material resources, water and energy was gathered. Documentation on the quality of the work and the safety of the workforce in the workshop or on-site. Significant data on the high possibilities of shortening the execution times of the industrialized work. As well as information on the waste produced in each type of work.

The data collection allowed to know in depth the construction situation at the time it was built, as well as the opportunities and potential improvements of the industrialized construction.