What is PichInnovation?

Within the framework of the circular economy, we develop innovative products and construction systems,
industrialized, demountable, and with low environmental impact.
We accompany the applicability of these products and systems on the market and ensure their first application in a study project.


Innovation Services


Construction system

Production/assembly processes

Business model

Accompaniment in the commercial launching

Opportunities exploration

Analysis of innovation opportunities

Analysis of the application and potential of the circular economy

Comparative market analysis

Life cycle analysis at the building system level

Our product DNA


Sustainable, removable and easy to maintain

Based on site and market knowledge

Economically viable, marketable

Innovation Values

Constant connection with sustainability and the environment.
Technical and environmental standards.

Close and direct collaboration with the industrial partner.

Knowledge and credibility in the sector. Long trajectory as architects.

Professionalism and know-how in building construction systems.

International focus, local knowledge.

Integration and knowledge of the requirements of technical standards.


Project applications

Through a proactive analysis of the constructive and environmental aspects of the architectural project, we apply the knowledge acquired in collaborative development projects. We highlight passive strategies, circular economy, and BIM tools.

European Projects

We contribute to achieving the objectives of the European Commission and European directives related to the transformation or continuous improvement of the construction sector, collaborating with multidisciplinary and international teams.

University and Business

We develop projects in interaction with researchers, students, manufacturers, architects and engineers. We collaborate with the International University of Catalonia (UIC).


PichInnovation collaborates closely with the Sustainability Department at Picharchitects, supporting its work from the knowledge acquired, and coordinating the necessary simulation and calculation tools.

We have a team of architects and researchers dedicated to innovation in products and construction systems, and experienced advisors in both technical and commercial matters.


Letiane Benincà

Chief Innovation architect

Energy efficiency and automation of parameterization in architecture. Thermo-energetic simulations. Collaborative project management. Bioclimatic architecture.

Marita Céspedes

Innovation architect

Market analysis and development of research projects. Lighting simulations. Life cycle assessment. Restoration, Historic Structures, Material Science, Wood Systems.

Teresa Batlle

Networking Advisor

Co-founder of PichArchitects. Promotion and monitoring of R+D+i projects. Collaboration with universities and technology centers. President of the Scientific Committee of ASA.

Felipe Pich-Aguilera

Technical Quantity Advisor

Co-founder of PichArchitects.
Executive director of architecture and constructive innovation projects. Lecturer at UIC Barcelona, School of architecture.

Joan Maria Freixes

Financial Advisor

Managing director of Pich Architects. Director of the firm’s subsidiary in Mexico. Administrative and human resources management.

José Torres Ribas

Senior Commercial Advisor

Professional career in General Management Company with focus on Commercial/ Marketing/ Communication areas.

We act as our client’s R+D+i department to improve their environmental impact and efficiency by introducing new construction systems to the market.

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