Project details

Creator and director: Mauro Manca
Development of projects and architecture works:
Picharchitects / Pich-Aguilera
Category: Consulting and sustainable business model


Sustainable Development Goals

Strategies implemented

Collaborative project for the rehabilitation of public and private sports complexes
Objective: to offer complete solutions regarding sustainability, energy, health and circular construction

Fitbuildings is a proposal for the sustainable regenerative rehabilitation of sports buildings focused on the ability to generate value for health, user comfort and reducing environmental impact. Thanks to the implementation of Smart Buildings technology, the objective is to transform the building into an infrastructure of quality services connected with people. The project proposes a replicable and scalable sustainable rehabilitation model, capable of leading the sustainable digital transition in the construction sector.

The current historical moment that society is experiencing and, especially, companies in the sports sector, allows us to rethink sports buildings and adapt them to the new requirements dictated by short-term challenges: the COVID-19 crisis, on the one hand, and the constant fight against climate change on the other.

In this context, Fitbuildings was born, a project whose objective is to apply a sustainable economic model for sports building rehabilitation projects, which promotes their energy transformation, their reduction of environmental impact and at the same time adapts the buildings to new sports models, based on social inclusion and health, within a general context of the circular economy.

Executive Board:

  • Coordination and Leadership / Sustainability Advice / Co-development of architecture projects and works: Mauro Manca
  • Development of projects and architecture works: Picharchitects / Pich-Aguilera
  • Advice and development of facilities projects: AIA
  • Business model and financing advice: Greenward Partners

Advisory board:

Technical Partners: