Casa Consistorial Navarcles

Project details

Location: NA
Year: 2017
Surface: NA
Status: Built
Typology: Tertiary
Category: Consulting and sustainable business model


Research Project of the PROGRAMA ALTENER of the European Commission

Sustainable Development Goals

Strategies implemented


Energy analysis and study of the economic depreciation of the building

Objective: to study possible interventions in order to reduce energy demand in the coming years

Council House of Navarcles (Barcelona) where a study of system and envelope improvements is made to help make decisions about the energy reform strategies to be carried out in the building.

The solutions improve user comfort with optimal solutions in terms of quality and price. Calculations and simulations demonstrate the potential to reduce energy consumption by 70%, even with the difficulties of being a heritage-protected building.

Data to highlight:
– An energy simulation of the current state of the project is carried out and it is possible to determine passive and active strategies to improve its energy efficiency without affecting its facade, such as:

  • Interior partitions to avoid energy losses due to large airflows.
  • Change windows for more watertight ones and with better features.
  • Thermal insulation inside the building.
  • Sun protection.
  • Changing the lighting.
  • Energy production with photovoltaics.

– The effectiveness and viability of each of the proposals is determined.