ESCOFET Innovation, R&D+i in sgraffito panels

Conceptual and technical development of a surface pattern. Reinterpretation and update of traditional techniques of the engraved building facades.

The façade has been applied to a building located in the Eixample area of Barcelona. The old building was in poor condition and it was planned to be demolished, which is why it was contemplated to project a new building that considered its location, in the centre of the Eixample, where its environment maintains the original urban structure.

The new building houses an aparthotel. The ground floor is conceived as a space of community of welcome and stay. The upper floors hold small apartments.

A lot of efforts were done in this project in order to exploit the natural resources as much as possible, so as to entail a good bioclimatic performance. The project enhances an investigation focused on the main façade, on the wood as well as on the concrete slabs.

The proposed façade aims to restore the patterns, reliefs and colours of the Eixample of Barcelona and, additionally, it provides continuity in the rhythm of the solid and the void. The origin of the façade’s proposition resides in the possibility of study deeply the technology of the industrial sgraffito. Plant motives, which are normally applied on the facades of the quarter, considering its geometry, were the origin of the proposal, a low organic relief that intends to imitate the trees of the Eixample streets during the winter.

On the other hand, there is an innovation with the wood industry intending to define enormous glass panes with frames made of wood and aluminium, that provide thermal and acoustic comfort. The large balconies are located in the same plane as the panels and have the same sgraffito patterns.